Frome, Somerset, UK

A novel writer, since 2014. Atlantic Hijack, an action thriller was first published then with the author name of Sam Grant. Professional seafaring experience from early life was incorporated into the novel. The author was aged seventy. Pre-sea training led to ten years service aboard eight merchant ships, as apprentice and deck officer, before training in retail management and marriage in 1973. The confinement of offices and city centre stores most likely contributed to resigning from retail management and applying to join Royal Mail-ultimately in the role of postal delivery. Later as a work place trainer.
Between leaving the sea and starting in retail management, two seasons were passed in the role of deck chair attendant on sea front and beaches.
"Dancing on the Beach," a romantic thriller by Sam Grant owes its authenticity in detail to these experiences, in the way that the two action, mystery sea novels owe depiction to professional sea-going experience. A present novel has reference to the author's postal life experience. Summer farm life experience helping on a relatives farm is also relevant to portrayal.
Galactic Mission lacks known personal experience of aliens! Although there are ships. This time space ships. The author an avid science reader in his younger life.
A first publication was the poem "Dispatch Time." United Press chose this poem for their anthology "Book of Dreams." About thirty poems have since been published by a national publisher. Four have been chosen for four individual anthologies scheduled for publication in 2018.
The author hopes soon to promote his latest novel River Escape, a sequel to Atlantic Hijack, available at good booksellers and @ URL