First thing--this blog is NSFW! It's about my journey in chastity and a FLR! I admit I was the one who suggested chastity and then asked for an FLR. But both of us are enjoying the ride.
I'm a married man with children. Some of my children are special needs. Creates a lot of stress for my wife and me. At work I have a lot of responsibility with many people under my control. I love sex and used to masturbate frequently! I was curious about being caged and the chastity lifestyle so I approached my wife about trying it. After some kinks were worked out, the chastity lifestyle is now working very well for both of us. My wife hasn't a submissive bone in her body. She doesn't want a weakling or a sissy but she is enjoying being in control. Very recently, we discussed a full FLR. She had never heard of it, but after thinking about it she decided to try it. A few changes later, we are living the life! lol
An addendum: I have told my Queen about this blog. I currently have 163 posts. So we are rereading them all together. I was so very nervous about doing this—not sure why, but it went well. She was a little uncomfortable in how long it took for me to tell her, but has enjoyed reading what I’ve written. Indeed she has suggested pictures for future posts.