Steven Pearce

Redding, California, USA

Steven W. Pearce is globally known for his work in Sustainability and international development. Steven has worked on projects in Tunisia and is helping people around the globe with strategies for building their businesses. Steven has given lectures on sustainability and development to universities around the world as well as to government officials.

Steven has a Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Sociology/Anthropology/Political Science with both university and departmental honors from Weber State University in Ogden, UT. His capstone project was on the radicalization process of Muslims. Steven also has a Master of Business Administration in Sustainability Management and a Master of Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Steven also has ijazats or diplomas given to him by Muslim scholars which gives him the right to speak about Islamic topics.

Steven is a member of the American Institute of Maghrib Studies which is sponsored by the US State Department in cooperation with the Fulbright Program, UNESCO, and the Ford Foundation. The Tunisian office of AIMS is called CEMAT where Steven’s research focused on improving the Tunisian economy and further research into the radicalization process of Muslims.

Steven is an expert on business development, sustainability, Islam and Radical Islam, Project Management, and social change and movements. He is a member of PMI; Sigma Beta Delta; International Honor Society for Business, Management, and Administrative Services; and the National Society of Success and Leadership.

Steven is the Middle Eastern/Business Correspondent for the Inscriber Digital Magazine as well as the President of 5th Sun EMS Consulting group, Inc. 5th Sun works with business & economic development, import-export, sustainability, renewable energy, and project management.

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