Hi, this is Aditya here, I'm in this blogging profession since 2017. But don't get me wrong here, this is one of my websites that recently launched online. I have the knowledge about blogging profession and how it works. Frankly, speaking i didn't had the idea of what name should be better to choose. Exept blogging, i also have some affiliate marketing experience as I had worked for a digital marketing agency and came to know exactly what is affiliate marketing and how it basically works, I just chosen the name called blogxpaffiliate for sharing my offline and as well as online working experience with you. But, i know it should not be one way bridge of engaging with my following friends, where it may sound like only me not you engaging with my content. I'm a very nice guy and would love to have you here on my site. That being said, I have only requested for all of my blogging friends here, please make this site grow by following or joining this site.