2. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas: A classic story of revenge, Gripping, adventurous and very exciting. I have read this book a lot of times already and I just can’t stop myself from reading until I finish the whole book!

3. Batch 81 by Mike de Leon: One of the best Filipino films directed by one of the best Filipino directors. Batch 81 is a classic story about Sid Lucero, a college student who sees and eventually accepts fascism and abuse in the context of joining a college fraternity.

4. Raymund Villanueva of Kodao Productions: Progressive, militant and a journalist for the people. Has been involved in alternative media since his college days as the editor in chief of The Bedan at San Beda College and continues to be a journalist until today.

5. Autumn Leaves by Chet Baker: This popular jazz piece has a lot of versions and covers by different jazz artists, but for me Chet Baker stands out the most. Chet Baker’s vocals and sax tunes never fails to set a very relaxing, and calming mood.

6. film4ever Instagram account: I love this Instagram account because they feature analog film cameras. There are a lot of Instagram accounts that feature this kind of content, but what makes this very interesting for me is the online shop is legit, owners are very friendly, won’t hesitate to teach you tips and tricks about film photography and they can give you discounts!

7. Anything with cheese or beef is good. I also like grilled fish/chicken/pork combined with toyo, kalamansi, and white onions for sawsawan.

8. Photo-walking either using film cameras or digital cameras. For one, it’s relaxing to walk while keeping a sight for photo opportunities, and finally “immortalizing” the moment that you happen to stumble upon.