Spain, at present

Published British author, living in Spain. I write Westerns (as John Stuart Cooper),thrillers and historical fiction (as Stuart G Yates).t
I try my best to entertain, not to preach or be pedantic. But fiction can teach us a good deal about life, people and the world in which we live, even when stories are set in the past. I love to research new periods, have an extensive (and growing) library, and do my best to bring a flavour of authenticity into my stories ... But, of course, imagination is the main part. Without that, readers may as well simply pick up a history book and discover the facts. No, what I do is blend those facts with stories about ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Sometimes, I look into the future, but I don't always like what I see. We live in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. I don't think there is anything wrong in wanting to escape into, to para-phrase Roald Dahl, 'a world of pure imagination'.
I'm hopeful that 2019 will see more of my books published, which will bring my tally up to over 20.
I'm not a lover of sushi, but I do love corn on the cob. And crumpets. Yum. They are my favourite breakfast food.
I love my dog George, my three beautiful daughters and my gorgeous, wonderful wife Janice, not because she's a great cook or is fantastic looking but because she is just about the nicest, most thoughtful person I've ever met!
My eyes are green by the way.
I'm trying to get fit. ALWAYS trying...
I drink a little, smoke not at all.
I am saving up to buy a narrowboat so I can retire from my job as a teacher and live upon the water.
My dog is a grump, but I love him. I think he loves me.
And I live to write.
Check out my books or look on Amazon. You might be surprised at how good many of the reviews are for my books, but of course, there are one or two that aren't. I can't please everyone. nobody can. But I will always do my best to do so! And if you love Vikings, you'll love my Varangian series. Honestly, you will! And Westerns. Unflinching was Number One in Canada!

Happy reading.