Mrs. Optimistic


I'm an eternal optimist with a goal to raise and support my family in a healthy and self-sustaining lifestyle. I want to have a simple and rewarding life with those I love the most. I grew up on a semi-farm giving me a lot of second-hand experience and the with reality that this lifestyle will not be easy or fast to build. The greatest joy I get out of life is to make things with my hands. The closer to the source, the more steps I can do myself, the better (ex. raising Angora rabbits, harvesting the fiber,hand-carding, spinning, naturally dyeing, and crocheting an item would be a dream. If I could feed the rabbits food I've grown, made the dye myself, and hand-carved the crochet needle, I'd be over the moon!) Sickening I know, but that is the truth of it. I'm a hippy at heart!