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Hello there
I have suffered from suicidal thoughts stress depression and anxiety most of my life and also from the age of 20 suffered from ptsd..

My father is a sufferer of manic depression so my problems the traits that were very similar to my dads were always dismissed, i have never taken medication for any of the above, i hung in there and im still here to tell you that the gut supports the mind the body and the soul..

The one thing that can get in the way to how well your gut can support your mind your body and your soul, is how aggressive your immune system response is towards the environment inwhich you live and most of all, your synthetic immune intolerance resistance..

I believe the environment inwhich we live is not that great a threat as it once was, i believe that our synthetic immune resistance may have for some time now overtaken, but is poorly misunderstood..

I believe that most if not all mood disorders may start in the gut..

I believe This is because the strengh inwhich the human immune system reacts towards against nasty chemical synthetic intolerance, may directly disrupt or cause strain within the gut inwhich i believe can directly change how well our gut can naturally support the mind the body and soul..

before we eat i believe that our immune system whilst under resistance towards against chemical synthetic intolerance, our immune system actually trys to generate from within the gut what the immune system seams to thinks it needs to cope with the synthetic resistance in hand..

Inwhich may cause immune system strain to directly cause gut bowl malfunction, inwhich i believe may leave the gut simply poorly supporting our mind our body and our soul’s..

I believe gut malfunction may cause a negative feed throughout the body and with the natural fight or flight this simply forces the mind body and soul to be induced shocked..

I recovered from my ptsd by accident after 4 years of torture, i had constipation and bort a bottle of sun sweet prune juice inwhich i believe saved my life and allowed me to go on with this journey to unravel this mistory..

I have studied myself for 15 years whilst using prune juice and i have learned to understand that my imune system is simply very aggressive towards against certain chemicals or synthetics and that the less my aggressive immune system has to cope with certain nasty chemicals or sythetics the better my gut can naturally support provide my mind my body and my soul with the right nutrition nutrients inwhich my gut naturally needs for me to stay in good health..

My brain was simply shocked (ptsd) whilst i had a traumatic experience at the age of 20 years old and what was propping my ptsd up for so long was that negative feed caused by high resistance inwhich shut my gut off from supplying the right nutrition nutrients to naturally support my brain..

Little did i no that by reducing certain synthetic resistance that is caused by such things like toothpaste, shower gels, shampoos and deodorants this would then actually help pave the way and allow my brain to start to recover..

By learning to reduce my immune intolerance chemical synthetic resistance i also learned myself to change and control the hidden tension inwhich only existed within me and actually was not caused by the outside world..

I also believe that the same method i use to reduce my shocked brain (ptsd)
Could help in reducing multiple sclerosis m.e and arthritis and also motor neuron disease..

I believe this because autoimmune messes with inflammation and to how healthy our gut is before the gut even starts to support the mind the body and our soul’s..

With autoimmune the gut simply has no alternative than to provide a negative feed..

I believe gut bowl malfunction can go unoticed and if this is so, the gut can negatively provide a bad feed long enough to cause chronic shock within our bodies enough to cause chronic disease.

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