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Hello there
I've suffered suicidal thoughts stress anxiety, depression most of my life and also from the age of 20 suffered ptsd..

My father also suffered from manic depression and the traits my problems that were very similar to my dads we're always dismissed, i was left to dwell and deal with my issues, unknowingly..

The one thing that can get in the way to how well our gut supports our mind our body and our soul's, is vascular depression..

Vascular depression paves the way for gut depression and gut depression disrupts overrides how well the whole of the human body can function without underlying subconscious strain..

The environment which we live is not that great a threat as it was, unatural substance or resistance towards chemicals synthetics, possibly may have for year's, overtaken environmental factors..

Unatural substance or chemical synthetic factors are misunderstood most if not all mood disorders may start in the gut..

Vascular depression forces gut depression which causes strangulated symptoms within the gut itself..

Gut depression directly suppresses mood emotions but is only part of the puzzle, poor mood and emotions are simply unatural feelings in which we gain when our gut becomes strangulated..

These are simply unatural feelings which are caused through gut strangulation but these unatural feelings are simply magnified when our already existing gut depression struggles to digest the food and drink which we ingest..

Which simply creates a secondary malfunction within our already existing gut malfunction, so now we've a stangulated gut struggling to digest food and drink..

So now the stangulated gut struggles all the more, which further disrupts our poor mood and emotion, because the food which we eat now has an adverse reaction when entering, the gut..

So now gut depression creates gut malfunction which inturn changes how well our gut breaks down the food in which we eat and also causes unatural gas to weep from the gut through into our bodies along with possibly rogue nutrition..

Which changes how well our gut naturally supports our mind our body and soul, our symptoms wax and wane depending on how strangulated our gut is before we eat..

So the amount of vascular strain increases gut malfunction which inturn increases our bodies inner toxicity throughout our digestive system down to our bowl..

Which simply allows more toxicity to enter the body before toxicity leaves the body, gut malfunction is a little alike a synthetic virus within the gut..

This synthetic virus may unaturally cause a negative feed to run throughout our body and with the bodies natural fight or flight can simply force the mind the body and soul to be intoxicated and shocked..

I help myself recovered from ptsd by accident after 4 years of torture, i also had constipation and used sun sweet prune juice which helped save my life and allowed me to go on this journey and unravel this mystery..

I have studied myself for 15 years whilst using prune juice and i have learned to understand, my body is simply very aggressive towards unatural substance..

I've understood, the less my body has to tolerate unatural substance, the better my gut naturally supports and provides the rest of my body..

This includes the mind the body and the soul with superior nutrition which helps the body stay functionally fit and healthy..

My brain was shocked (ptsd) whilst i tried to manage a traumatic experience at the age of 20 years old but what may have propped up my ptsd for so long was a toxic feed caused by unatural substance..

Which simply shut my gut off from supplying healthy nutrition to naturally support my brain, enough to aid recovery..

I learned by reducing such things like fluoride in toothpaste, nasty chemicals in shower gels, shampoos, aluminium within deodorants, this helped reverse change the fuel which fuelled the fuel to the condition (my pstd) which naturally helped aid my brain recovery..

My vascular response towards unatural substance maybe genetically and hereditary wired set in stone from birth so day by day, week by week, month by month, year in year out, unatural substance simply broke my body from within..

Our bodies vital organs inturn become bogged down this includes our bodies immune response..

I also learned by reducing unatural substance i controlled hidden tensions which only existed, due to a underlying condition and was not actually caused by the outside world..

I also believe, the same method i use to reduce my shocked brain (ptsd)
Could help reduce progression in multiple sclerosis m.e and arthritis and also motor neuron disease..

Because gut bowl malfunction, overtime messes with the wealth to health of the whole entire body which inturn directly changes how well our body can function..

With autoimmune the gut has no other alternative other than provide an unatural feed around the body, which triggers unatural immune response..

Which from outside looking in, looks as though our immune system is attacking our bodies but really we don't fully understand our bodies negative feed running throughout the body..

When gut bowl malfunction simply goes unoticed our gut can negatively provide our bodies with increased toxicity long enough to actually cause chronic shock within the human body enough to cause chronic disease..

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