Vero Makeup Artist

Bucharest, Romania

I’m a makeup artist in the beauty, fashion, television, movie and theater industry. I’m fond of discovering new make-up techniques, cosmetic care, home made makeup and skincare recipes. I consider myself to be a creative makeup artist, with no particular style but a blend of styles I like. I’m passionate about creating my own characters, applying cosmetics or acrylics, or any other sort of things I like to use in creating fictional characters. My source of inspiration I guess is and always will be my own imagination mostly but also nature, fantasy tales, cartoons and movie characters. Painting, reading and music are some of my favorite all time activities besides my makeup related work.
I have been working as a television makeup artist for the last 6 years here in Bucharest, Romania. In the future I would like to learn more makeup techniques such as special effects, wig and costume design and perfect myself as a hair stylist as well. I’d also like to work in the movie industry and last but not least, the theater.

Of course, I couldn’t have done this without the help of my husband, best friend and co-founder of the Vero Makeup Artist Project, Cristian Axenoi Panescu. He is an architect, also a photographer, self taught guitarist, graphic designer.
Thank you for your support and for visiting my blog. Keep in touch! :)

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