BJ - The Reckless Perfectionist

Texas Coast

A former pro figure skater living the urban life meets a boy, falls in love, and moves to the 'burbs after college and marriage to said boy.
What I write about: anything and everything that pops into my head. My mind is a random place, and I like it that way. I'll blog about life for the most part; but I, also, have pages that are writing exercise for me or just stories that I'd rather not be on a bookshelf.
You can read about Indira - a teenager who gets up close and personal with my most hated buzz phrase, "Rape Culture". OR... go read The Schmeisser Pack Diaries. It's a world where my dogs can actually talk.
I talk about living with PTSD as well because "talking-about-it-makes-it-better" or, really, my therapist would like for me to do something than avoid the topic.
So, happy reading... Thank you for choosing The Red Pill and not The Blue Pill. Reality is what you make of it.