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Hi... failte (Irish for welcome! and pronounced fall-thhha).

I'm a newbie to blogging, here just over a year, but what a great year it has been!

I've turned the corner to 50 recently and two things become more relevant...time and experiences!

Material possessions are less important! Using time wisely and truly experiencing each day holds a new significance for me!

If you wish..., a little of the back story...

I''m blessed to be married to a kind and loving man for 28 years, we have two children now 19 and 21.

As I approached 40 and searching for something more, whilst holding down my then part-time legal secretarial work, I trained as a voluntary adult literacy tutor, with the hope of helping adults improve their literacy skills and have a second, and better experience of learning!

However, little did I think that wanting to help others improve their lives would see my own life improve beyond measure also!

You see for years I found it difficult to know what to do as I watched our two children suffer at the hands of bullies. Their struggle began to change when I returned to education! Through education I slowly gained valuable knowledge, I grew in confidence and self-esteme and it had a ripple effect!

By 2014, aged 47 I had completed a Higher Certificate in Literacy Development and a B.A. in Adult Education. I love my work as an adult educator, particularly when adults trust me enough to let down their defences and 'let me in'. Then I can help them by getting to know what makes them 'tic' and what 'lights their fire!'.

As an added bonus along the way I've realised that I also have a love of writing and that writing is cathartic (providing psychological relief through written expression of built up emotions), both for my students and myself. This blog enables me to pursue that new-found interest and I've really enjoying reading your blogs, sharing comments, getting to know so many people and gaining new perspectives. I also like to share any little 'gems' of learning I've gathered along the way!

Thanks for sharing your stories and for helping me realise that it is all possible...and that together we write a truly better story!
Much love,
Marie x