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I'm a father of five children. My wife is passed away, I'm widowed. My oldest son has too passed away. May their soul's rest peacefully. The rest of my children are grown and on their own. I have two grandson's and a grand-daughter. Another grandchild on the way.

I made a career as a carpenter. Now I'm a survivor of a terminal illness, lymphoma. living in Faith, Hope and Belief I'll be delivered, one way or another. I'm an accomplished Author, and published, 28 different books I believe. International copyrights obtained in 2003. I still have a dream left I'd like to complete. The Open Source Software Project, doing what I can to contribute and say thanks to all the fellow developers in making Open Source what it is today. I'd like to accomplish this last dream that I have, and perhaps with Grace's of God, I'll achieve that goal.

I like helping if I can, but I have a stump in my road for a moment. I learn at the world's largest and best learning and development industry and and school. The latest of it kind from around the world, that I hold gratitude for teaching me the business and technology that the world now relies on and ever so evolving every day.

The are the greatest repository holders and facilitator in continuation of the Open Source and the GitHub, Inc. and GitHub labs, holding over 90 billion repositories for company's small and corporations large. They are the hub and reliable in their continuous support and contribution to the project.

I'm also thinking of freelance work in writing, briefing articles. Or news of exciting new technology being looked at and explored. And thank you all, every person and furry families, for walking either through my life, or pleasures of meeting and just stopping by. Thanks for stopping and reading about me, a mark of a man that was here and lived and made fair share of mistakes.

But I'm my way of thinking it out, throughout the course of time since it began, with those mistakes and failing efforts. We wouldn't be evolving into something better tomorrow.

Take care and best wishes. I have a blog page to put up, and a poetry page I need share with the world. If your inpatient in waiting, my publisher since 2013 is for now I'll leave this from my heart to you and humanity.


I wish you more joy,
than sorrow, one can give.

More love than,
your heart can confine.

More laughter,
than tears.

More courage,
than fears.

More memories,
than any precious stones.

I wish you more sunshine,
than darkness or shadows.

More comfort than,
trouble or pain.

More grace than,
gratitude needed.

And more days filled,
with rainbows than showers.

My Wish To You!

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