Jo- Creative PTSD Gal

Time for an update 2/3/18

I am a graphic designer by day and quit being a sassy bartender on the weekends. I do enjoy staying busy but now instead I spend time for self-care and trying to I'm now busy in a more healthy way.

I was diagnosed with C-PTSD from a past life experience and not quite ready to tell that part of my story yet but my hope is tap more into my creativity whether it be cooking, journaling, writing short stories or drawing. Scattered-brained is how I feel and I will try very hard to keep this personal blog as organized as possible…but no promises.

My journey so far has been filled with ups and downs and I'm working on getting more ups even when the downs are still there. Join me. I hope that you enjoy reading, find some inspiration and possibly help me do the same.

Thanks for reading, liking and following. It doesn't go unnoticed!