K.J. Stevens (born June 4, 1973) is an American novelist and short story writer. He has written six books. In 2007, his first novel, Pilgrim's Bay was released. In 2012, CUTTING TEETH, a collection of fiction and nonfiction was published.

Stevens' writing style is described as minimalist. Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger, Amanda Davis, Raymond Carver, David Shaw and Flannery O'Connor have been attributed as his influences.

A near-death/death experience in June, 2013 changed Stevens' outlook on life. Since that time, his writing has included a more spiritualistic approach to everyday life.

Stevens was born in Alpena, Michigan. He attended Central Michigan University and studied creative writing at Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Currently, he and his wife (artist, Brooke Stevens) live in Alpena, Michigan. They have two children.