Chris Russell

Cincinnati, OH

My life mission is to help people connect with God in a way that will change their lives forever. Hopefully this site will be helpful to you in that way. Perhaps that is why God brought you to this site! Perhaps He is reaching out to you right now, because He cares deeply about you and wants to connect with you. Are you open to that? Invite Him into your life right now! Ask Him to forgive you for your sins and to reveal Himself to you. And get ready to begin enjoying life at the highest levels possible as you follow Him and enjoy life in His presence! I am passionate about helping people find God, because ultimate happiness, peace, and satisfaction comes when we are walking in relationship with our Creator.

I love to write, and my articles have been featured on some pretty amazing websites like,,,,, and many others. As a matter of fact, regularly posts my writings, and it's been a blessing to be associated with this great ministry of the Salem Communications Network.

Of course, my greatest love (outside of my relationship with God) is my family. I happen to be married to my best friend, Leigh, and I have 3 amazing children (Quentin-25, Abbey-22, and Olivia-19). I am very blessed.

I am currently available for guest speaking opportunities, so feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

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