About Crystal Lynn



Must see to believe.


Believer in Love, Light and the God given power of the coffee bean.

Of course, I'm a little silly, but to be more serious :

I've never been good at giving myself labels and stars and awarding myself a brand in order to sell myself to others. I've no certificates or awards to show you to convince you that I am worth listening to but I do have experience. I've experience in the deepest, darkest, loneliest places of loss and pain. I've been bruised and brainwashed and told that I just don't fit in and would never make it in this world. I've experienced betrayal, injustice and fear all with refusal to give up on faith, hope and Love.

I see the world through eyes of curiosity and empathy, falling in love with souls can keep you blinded to the carnal dangers of the flesh. I prayed , "God, give me your eyes to see them, give me your heart to Love them". For the longest time this answered prayer caused me pain upon pain and I came quite close to abandoning love . Then I realized that I'd forgotten to ask for discernment; discernment of spirits and intentions and discernment of myself. So I asked and I received and the journey was at first the darkest nights of my soul a darkness that led to the light that seemed to be at the end of a tunnel; that light wasn't at the end of a tunnel, it was inside of me, it is Me and it is the Holy Spirit and it is You.

I am a professional at overcoming sorrow and having hope where no hope could be found. I've an award for Joy in Rain Dancing and a honorable mention in climbing out of pits! I have a passion for unity and compassion and a deep love for diversity and love. I'm a promoter of empathy and kindness to oneself and to all others. I dream of, believe in and speak of what the eyes can see when unfiltered and guided soley by Unconditional Love.