Cynthia Reyes

Toronto, ON, Canada

I've been writing about home, family, and relationships for decades. In my mind, these things are all closely connected.

My family and I have lived in several different homes, made friends in each neighbourhood, and -- most important -- formed lasting memories of our lives and relationships in each place.

In each place we lived, and each time we moved, I wrote. About the homes and people we had loved and about how we changed as a result. And then I put the stories away and forgot them.

Several years ago – during a particularly tough time after a disabling car accident - my husband went searching for the lost stories, as a gift to me.

The editor of Arabella Magazine heard about the stories and asked if she could publish a few. I agreed.

It was great to have those forgotten stories: they became a book, titled A Good Home. (2013)

Of course, I was nowhere near ready for the big time. After a few months promoting the book, I had a relapse and my doctor ordered me home. I was miserable and felt isolated all over again, so my daughter set up a blog for me to communicate with other people.

And here you are, visiting my blog! Thank you.

I still write about home and relationships, but I often write about other people too -- their homes and creative passions.

And the first book to be written entirely since the accident -- An Honest House -- was published in 2016. Our Victorian farmhouse is a great character in this book, as, I hope, are my family, friends and myself. Set against the backdrop of our "honest house", the book tells the story of a family determined to survive and thrive despite some huge challenges. It's won a British award and high praise from many quarters.

I always return to my journals - the source material for An Honest House -- and this blog. They, too, are a way of "coming home". I hope you'll enjoy my blog, check out my books, and drop me a comment.

The book, the Arabella stories and this blog, are helping me to find my voice again. So are the hundreds of readers, reviewers and blog visitors who have written – marvelous, moving letters. I'm grateful for you all.

You’ll find here updates on my experiences since the book was published, along with the occasional poem and profiles of people I find interesting. All have a connection to "Home" in some way.

Do please visit my blog and leave a comment. I'd like to hear from you.

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