New York, NY

Corinne Colen, designed and crafted The Culinary Loft® to share her passion for the culinary arts with those intrigued by the world of minced garlic, grilled vegetables and salmon roasted in coarse salt. Her passion for food and sensual imagery first evolved into a career as a commercial food/still-life photographer in New York City. The Culinary Loft® is a natural extension of this artistic development, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere, where her impressive roster of clients can savor the art of cooking while enjoying the pleasure of their guests.

The concept of a warm “home-style” kitchen, as distinct from commercial cooking school or restaurant style kitchens, is integral to feeling more comfortable in your own home kitchen. When you can translate what you have experienced, you are more willing to practice what you have seen, learned and tasted. This certainly makes for a truly satisfying and worthwhile experience!

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