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DeAngilo WillisVoice-ActorMusic Performer"When I first came into making music with a voice, I looked at every beat like a blank canvas is to a visual artist who is trying different styles just to see if they are talented or skilled at various things. A grand amount of my work was purely attempts to recreate sounds/projects that my family and peers seemed to have enjoyed by well-known performers. Some were just made to figure out how the software worked without being able to locate the a good amount of it turned out very immature and subpar. I held onto it as a painter holds onto all of their pieces of art but I have begun taking those off the internet and realizing that I have matured and have matured tastes. This led to reinventing how I have to present my real efforts, the ones that I care for and seperate the childish crap that never represented who I truly was and am. So!How did I get into writing, interviewing, reviews and what-have-you? By wanting to be able to discuss and teach my son about life better as he gets older and to learn how to communicate better. I had horrible communication skills in school. Ha!"Let's look back at my application for freelance employment with IGN: (SPOILER: Fallout 76)IGN: In 300 words, what is your favorite game?DW: Hands-down, my favorite gaming experiences began/occurred while playing Ocarina of Time, No More Heroes, and Final Fantasy 7. Don't get me wrong, Shin Megami Tensei comes in at a very close second place but I was able to experience the first three at different climaxes of my life.I remember Ocarina of Time being one of the first games I got for my Nintendo 64 and the level of depth that was executed in it's design at the time was phenomenal! It would be entirely to trivial to assess this situation with a single choice. At that moment, I was a child heading into my teenage years but by the time my teenage years swung around, Final Fantasy had offered me something OoT couldn't offer my adolescence; options for strategy. Its complex yet simple materia system was something that was always beckoned my interests and of course I was influenced by the many quality JRPG's that were launched around the time for the Sony Playstation.As I grew older, my personal preferences altered and I matured along with my taste in entertainment. I can remember walking into an old girlfriends house where her brother was playing Killer 7 and watching that plot unfold opened my eyes to an entirely new world of gaming. Of course I purchased it days after but after researching the developers and finding out about No More Heroes, I had to have it, and I got the title around the time I was going through a similar situation as it's protagonists, Travis. I was dead-broke, had no job, almost no drive but little by little I defeated all of my obstacles and came out a better person with values. Ever since, I have purchased almost all of Suda51's titles and have not been disappointed yet!So, I hope you can understand why I can't choose a favorite...I don't think anyone should limit themselves when there are so many defining points in things you have a passion for. My passion at that time was to create video games but then I realized, "...I more-so enjoy being entertained by them and sharing my opinions with other like-minds and opening other peoples minds to alternate forms of entertainment/therapies.IGN: What is the best single-player RPG experience you have ever had?DW: Persona 5 definitely kept me up for days. It is always nostalgic to get a new Shin Megami Tensei title on a next gen system and I have to say, this is possibly my favorite Persona experience right after Persona 3 FES!The graphics and animations are astounding and the new game mechanics left me breathless on multiple occasions. I can't tell you how many times, my partner and I stayed up on the phone playing our versions and just discussing the overall improvements the Atlus team had overcome! It's nearly flawless! This question in itself has got me motivated to write up a review on the experience!IGN: What was the worst?DW: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair was by far the worse title but not because it was bad, let me explain:I first downloaded the game some months back on my PS4 after knowing of it's existence since the previous console generations but the lack of information on any "gripping story" or "intriguing plots" didn't satisfy my hunger when it comes to my taste in RPG's. I'd always knew I would give it a chance one day but it was going to be at a time when the price was right. Lucky for me, I found it for free! The downfall was that I had no one to play the game with which led me to playing this huge map that is meant for two to four players all by myself. I don't mind going solo but I the games design is meant for multiple players and though they packaged it as an updated, multiplayer version of Symphony of the Night it lacked all that made it a timeless classic in my book but I still wouldn't write it off as a "bad game." Kind of like how the views of the Borderlands prequel is viewed with a fifty/fifty split.IGN: What is the best MMORPG experience you have had in the past 2 months?DW: I am actually typing up a review about the whole fiasco now and I want to save the juicy stuff for the article but I am just going to say, it is hard to be pleased with a product from a developer that treats it's consumers the way they have as of recently. As far as the good points?I can at least say I am glad to own an online Fallout title. I'd been wanting it since Fallout 3. When it was first released, I was super excited for it, I pre-registered, was approved for the B.E.T.A, and streamed almost every second of gameplay for months... The rest will have to wait for my review, but I assure you, I have more than 400 words worth to say...more like 5 pages worth.IGN: What's the worst MMORPG experience?DW: Quote: "I am actually typing up a review about the whole fiasco now and I want to save the juicy stuff for the article but I am just going to say, it is hard to be pleased with a product from a developer that treats it's consumers the way they have as of recently. As far as the good points?I can at least say I am glad to own an online Fallout title. I'd been wanting it since Fallout 3. When it was first released, I was super excited for it, I pre-registered, was approved for the B.E.T.A, and streamed almost every second of gameplay for months... The rest will have to wait for my review, but I assure you, I have more than 400 words worth to say...more like 5 pages worth."-DeAngilo WillisIGN: What is the best 3rd Person action game you have played in the past 2 years?DW: I have to give it to the Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild along with all of it's great downloadable content! I purchased it a few months back, right before it's two year anniversary. I am quite sure I don't have to go into to much detail about this but I will give it praise.Shigeru Miyamoto and his team of geniuses have taken everything good from all the previous titles, updated and reinvented them while leaving the anatomical essence intact. Plus, reworked all of the flaws from the previous titles in the franchise and applied a virtual kung fu method that forces everything to concoct into perfection.I was discussing with my partner on how I would love to review the game but we decided the game has had enough justice and for those who haven't played the title is just simple "losing out." The game sales itself.IGN: What was the worst?DW: The worst was Fallout 76. Once again. Hopefully it can redeem its name with the upcoming patches and downloadable content. I will admit that, when I heard about the Power Edition bag scandal leading up to the Nuka Cola bottle scam...I just lost interest in supporting the games servers and dropped the title all together. As time passed by, more and more negativity seemed to be sourcing from their actions and decisions which further disgusted me.I truly don't believe the developers are going to be able to be recognized as the pioneers they once were seen as but I am reserving my opinions until the DLC's drop. That isn't me stopping me from logging all of the b.s that we have to endure as consumers and as a community.IGN: What's the best racing game you have played the past 2 years?DW: There is no way I can answer that at the moment due to the fact that I have only played a few rounds of Gran Turismo. I have gone a few rounds in with Mario Kart but no more than 4 circuits. Space Ribbon is an indie title that is worth spending some spare time on but there is no multiplayer functionality, which is a real let down and Virtual Space Racing is...the pits.IGN: What was the worst?DW: The download didn’t didn’t take long to finish and I didn’t take long to get into the game. Now…before I get into my digest, let’s para-phrase some things that developers have mentioned on the eShop for this software:“…your wrestling raw physics as much as your rival racers.”Pause. I remember starting this game up and struggling with the “controls” for an estimated 30 secs into the race. The “physics” in this MUST be artificial intelligence because the analog sticks, d-pad and motion controls were not functioning and I know it wasn’t my fault. This is definitely something that the developers have given us with a lack of knowledge for all the flaws that couldn’t have been tested because if this game was tested, it wouldn’t have been on the market.“No one should buy this. I wouldn’t buy this if it was free.”In turn, I am not trying to bash the developers, I simply find pleasure in producing motivation for those with a passion! Stop. I already know what your thinking, “If a title sucks, doesn’t that mean the developers are half-assed hacks at programming?” Most of the time, yes. Just…yes. The idea behind VSR is brilliant and is of graphical satisfaction for a gaming veteran. Sometimes this isn’t the developers fault… There are many factors that factor into can influence standard marketing on top of the course the manufacturers may take. I would love to see what the developers can come up with after this. I feel I will enjoy reviewing it way more than this…Sadly, I don’t see myself giving this any more thought or time out of respect for myself and our readers but I have to… Back to paraphrasing this “…fast-paced racer with no friction.” Starting up the first race will ease you into understanding the chaotic mechanics behind its functionality.I picked a family member to test it out and three minutes in, they handed the hardware back to me. “No one should buy this. I wouldn’t buy this if it was free.” is what came out of their mouth. Still holding onto the possibility that there was an error that couldn’t have been avoided to get production right, was a strong possibility in my mind. I called Eronas and asked for his experience with the title and I got quite the twin-like response from the last.Co-op is a function offered but once you play single player…you don’t want to revisit the chance of PTSD. I mean, I care about the gaming community“This is the last time.” I said to myself. The grip of the controller was the only thing that felt right as I began the trial race. 10 seconds in “…feeling good.” 20 seconds in “…feeling great.” 30 seconds in “…what the fuck.” 40 seconds in “…fuck this game.” “Home, X, A (QQ)”“Home, X, A”I am fighting common sense at this point and remain completely bias on this but that doesn’t change the fact that I purchased this, whether it be storage space or money, I feel uneasy about supporting more of the projects coming from this department. If we don’t receive some type of firmware/software update that gets the shit right, I can’t see a future where I own any of their work.I can’t recommend this title at all…Rating: 1.5IGN: What was your favorite sim experience?DW: Being a performer and musician I would love to give my vote to Track Lab for being so diverse and one of the first of it's kind but I am going to go with Resident Evil Bio Hazard and let's put Elder Scrolls five VR in third place.The thing that makes Resident Evil stand out more than Elder Scrolls is the atmosphere and environments. Where Elder Scrolls allows you to explore a vest land and interact with a continent of inhabitants, Elder Scrolls also triggers many cases of vertigo and motion sickness. It's controls aren't as air tight as Resident Evil either.Moving and manuvering works very well when Capcom is at the helm and don't get me wrong, Bethesda made a huge impact with their attempt as well but Elder Scrolls has an "out-of-body" feel to it, and Resident Evil creates the illusion that you feel "in-the-moment."Track Lab needs to be updated so that controls operate more fluidly and Gran Turismo needs to have more modes where VR is showcased. If Gran Turismo would have had more options to use the PSVR headset, it may have had my number one vote.IGN: What was the worst sim?DW: ...and it really hurts to say but the worst simulation would have to be Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim VR. When there are so many cases being reported of vertigo and people fainting, some would say "sounds like that is a grade A experience." but I have had personal experiences where I have to take breaks with Skyrim for hours and unless I have a fan blowing cool air on me while playing, I may have lost my lunch.It is all up to the players level of endurance and it has nothing to do with the developer anymore but that was my worst sim played.I can't give it to Gran Turismo. Though it only offers one mode for VR and vehicles are limited, sitting in the driver seat feels like the real thing, they didn't offer to much but what they did...? They did it correctly. I just hope we get more of it in the upcoming developments.IGN: What is your favorite tactical/strategy game of the past few years?DW: Fire Emblem has been a favorite of mine in the tactical era since Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance.Mercenary Saga is new to me but I have played and loved Final Fantasy Tactics for Playstation, PSP and Gameboy Advance.I am also quite pleased with the presentation of Wasteland 2: Directors Cut and have been really digging the plot in my spare time....and though the origianl Fear Effects have a place in my heart and this being it's spiritual successor, I am not as excited about this one but there are some aspects of the game that are pretty neat like being able to set up a parameter for gun fights with all of your party members.None the less, Disgaea will always be king of the strategy and tactical throne. The characters are always engaging, the story always has you clawing and biting for more. The developers always provide us with so many multiverses and cameos which satisfies every customer. The only thing players yearn for after beating a Disgaea is a sequel or dlc but they always quench that thirst as well.A+IGN: What was the worst?DW: The controls won't allow me to get off of the first map.The graphics are under sub par.There are tons of script errors.The character designs are lacking.The developers were reaching for something that isn't genuine to them (and it shows.)I don't even want to attempt to beat the game unless someone paid me ten times the games market value.The user interface is trash at best.Nothing is user friendly and that includes the retail value.I would purchase and play Virtual Space Racing before suggesting this game to the poorest of friend.Of course, I can only be talking about Chrono Clash for the Nintendo Switch.I refuse to review it and if I did, it would be a rating strictly and that rating would be a 0.5 out of 10.Why does it get the point five?...because Nintendo obviously filtered out some game(s) that were even worse than this and they didn't even make it on the eShop marketplace.*The only and last review I will ever do, for this is the sloth of the video game kingdom.IGN: What was the best adventure game in your opinion?DW: The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild gets my vote for this category as well and for all the same reasons stated before. I am just really impressed still with what Miyamoto produced back in 2017 and even now in 2019 I feel it should get another game of the year award for 2018 and the spring season of this year because there not many titles out like it.I would love to say I am super excited about tons of the games from the Nintendo Direct presentation like Astral Chain, Daemon X Machina and a few others but even if those were available for purchase now, I would still be logging in more hours on Breath of the Wild and I am sure the multitude of consumers that have BotW would express the same views.IGN: What was the worst?DW: Superman 64! Joking.The all-time Worst Adventure Game goes to Fallout 76.
DeAngilo Willis