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Murray bridge, Australia

I write, mostly emotional writing, more rhyming short stories as I have yet to write a short poem.
But I enjoy attention to detail. I am just in the thought stages at this point. But I do feel a second poetry collection will be available in the few years so therapy for the insaine. I have also knowledge of the enormous job it its to bring my imagination to life. The finished manuscript will be promoted looking for the perfect title and its your future enjoyment to come up with the perfect name. I am delighted at my growth in writing over the past three years. You will not be disappointed or bored. Just still needs to work out orders magine style which ones you will have the most connected read and I encourage You leave healthy criticism but poetry is duffermust improve and I need your help to speaking up. Anyone who puts upwth the pressure to be understood. Just shy to move for fear of failure. My first ever manuscript I through togetherin just over 4weeks. Because I have been excepted for publication. I do hope you understand what shock it was to have my second submission excepted.So I have been published by Revival Waves Of Glory publishers and is widely available for print on demand, audio books have just recently become available for download all good book sites have many copies. So as a gift personally from myself and not my publicist. I am giving away 3 signed copies of Emotional Rollercoaster to the best idea for the title of this addition to my success. I'm from the land downunder, (Australia). I Have a nwe beginning with the way I write rhese days and I have found my strength that enables you to feel depth as I have tried to share across these pages. I will or a lifetime of really trying hard to develop new book ideas and titles to captivate the eye of a passing interest. Posts in my life are a little more frequently skimmed and your message may be missed. So be bold and strategic planning to captivate my eyes. Just focus in future times as we are not unnoticed. I had hoped that working on Emotional Rollercoaster with the next I shall need stricked organisation and then some time rereading with my soul empty as a love walks off. I will be needing this to focus on my new single lifestyle and coping with divorce. I do have to share my delight of recognition. A young girl in Lebanon and another a few months later America asked for a real life essay protect. I wanted to die from disbelief. I had my own information that describe D.A. Hopkins. I have to separate the two. Do you reckon you could write a poem that included your essance
As well as shows life, and pain, and love, and death.
Then she said her teacher read it outin their English lesson. The next generation of writers and readers of a peaceful blanket beside the river and a good book of poetry to loose yourself.well I found this totally relaxing. I strongly recommend giving it a shot. The poem by no big surprise as to discover it was 'poverty defines true wealth' and show love and equality through future years. So shocke and overwhelmed at the ambitious heart filled with success. I don't have to discribe the next few days to you. I think you should fully understand how important your ideas are for a writer. I've been in the world of Omg, Omg, no way that had been a dream, Omg, Omg. The first response from any writer I'm guessing. This is by far, the best thing to have ecer seen a role in my life. I do hope you enjoy the full untitled bragging rights and then can you begin to feel it, burning from within, its the very cells that beat your next emotional overload. Your only leaving one thing to get a rwriggle and share, But I do hope hearing more about my experience's and this book will positively prove my development. I do bring a deep pain or aundant amount of joy with my writing. So as I publish it helps me let you, feel free to contact me, swap stories ideas, all writers need critical development of our gift. Just as well as you would if I were your family or a friend. I will be giving one of my lucky followers front row seats to own bragging rights to my new book title. I do hope you are creative and captivating with this as it will be the title of my next book. Good luckβ˜˜β˜˜β˜˜πŸŽΌπŸŽ€πŸ“²πŸ“šπŸ“’β™₯️ lot of hours internet divulging the thoughts of my role if lyricist for a Nashville production company and starting my lyricist journey with a Nashville productions studios. Diamond Garden Music is their company please check it out. OMG I'm not overly concerned but what is the price I will be giving words of my own one shallow breath from everlasting death. I am at peace in myself these days and it has shown through my latest work. I am just about exceeding the web pages I have popped up on as I can tell every book site on the internet. Just a little peek next is a reality check as the process of becoming a readable book is really time consuming. I have a feelingyou will be a reader of light poetry dark poetry funny I tell you I have it all. I will be honest I also have an R+ poem sadly eyes of the public havent read it. I and the children of tomorrow need points that direct as the tech generation is beyond blond bimbos. Im an author yet degrees I haven't any. But life I can tail the end of the encyclopedia of things they've left out. I am after a persons heart sould charisma desire for more and all from the title. Be creative and bold play with your choices, get my new book noticed. For this has all come together because I had a severe car accident that left me fighting for life and my teenage pregnant daughter not a day is the same for I still have my attempts to forget some flashes and some days I fund out more about the perfect woman inside this accident that broke my back (3times) and left my right arm useless, but I was not having this taken from me as well. So three and a half years on and finally i feel moments of normal.
I am however struggling with faith. I do believe but I have a loss where he should be.I don't have any idea what dribble I have forced apon you my apologies but, hey this is me!!

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