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Murray bridge, Australia

As a poet I am growing tremendously thanks to fellow writers and helpful advice. I was trying to find out who the writer D.A. Hopkins is, however I haven't been able to pin down one genre. Love for poetry was just the beginning. I have exited my role as full time mum so with five children grown up and moved on has left me with quite a lot of time on my hands. I think every one knows that poetry doesn't pay the bills however it seems guidance writing for pre-teens is a perfect match for me. So you can look forward to the new children's imaginations are all going to see Spairies take a chance at being the next wild obsession with the first book currently in progress for a late 2019 publication. As a Grannan to six grandchildren and a more beautiful life now that is able to find the best Denise the world is to soon witness. Love, joy, support and helpful information about our community of children in need of a little help with today's fast paced lifestyle and the ideas for a way to find the helpful information about life and encourage them to be open about their own emotional needs. If Spairies are able to save one child then I have been extremely successful. I hope your work has been a joyous one when you come to read my poetry and I have to say I also look at reading all comments on ways to excel at my career. I don't see many comment, Please... 🤩enjoy xxx

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