City of Naga, Cebu

One word probably describes me is a huntress. Don't get me wrong here, I'm a huntress in a way that I want to search or seek places I want to travel. A huntress of new ideas and experiences specially those extraordinary one. Because mt own definition of extraordinary is something you couldn't forget. Maybe because, it is just so alluring that it could make your whole system preoccupied. What I like about this huntress thing is that, it is so feminine yet so brave to chase for new things.
Definitely, I'm a girl who believes that everywhere is a great place, every destination are worth traveling for, all places have a secret beauty within of which the traveler has to discover and appreciate it.
This is my first ever blog, a dream come true for me. I hope my blog entertains and inspires you somehow either you are a traveler, a reader or not.
May all our journey take us somewhere beyond our expectations.