Sangeetha Sambantham

I am a Mother to my sugar boy, wife to my love, daughter to my precious parents, stay at home parent, blogger, foodie, cook, baker, love gardening, try my hands on new recipes &cuisine and sometimes love to be a couch potato.
To be honest, I have cooked only 5-6 times before my marriage. As a kid, I have always seen my grandmother and mother cooking around with so much love and passion. My grandmother was the first one to teach me a recipe when I was in 5th grade. After marriage, when away from home my hubby was the one who cooked for the first 1 week. When I started cooking and asked my hubby if it taste good?? He will give me weird look as if I am treating him like a guinea pig and he is and always be my food critic. Now my toddler has joined hands with his dad. With all this now I stand here with my cooking blog it's all because of passion and I believe cooking is a place where I can express my love towards food and for the person ;-).
I love to travel & like to explore different culinary styles and bookmark recipes I enjoyed. I am not a master, perfectionist in what I do but like to be one. In this blog, you will come across recipes which are even simple for a rookie.