1.) BA Film

2.) Agaw-Liwanag by Bomen Guillermo - My favorite collection of Tagalog poems. I've always been deeply moved by the "internal contradictions" - of whether to stay or to go; to stop or to keep going - that all the poems embody. For me, Prof. Bomen's writing here feels like love letters for our most distinguished ("hindi pangkaraniwan") comrades in the mass movement.

3.) Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi - I love how the filmmaker was able to turn her complicated life into simple yet playful black-and-white cartoons. From wondrous childhood, to angry teenage rebellion, to jaded adulthood, the film poignantly captures the feeling of being lost, placing the personal also in the political.

4.) Prof. Nick Deocampo - I find his passion for film, theory, and history inspiring and infectious.

5.) George Harrison - I relate to a lot of the songs he has written for The Beatles and as a solo artist. My favorite is "All Things Must Pass".

6.) Brain Pickings - I like this website because I learn a lot from it. Maria Popova's book recommendations always seem to be worthwhile reads.

7.) Bistek Tagalog - Childhood favorite.

8.) I try to watch as many films as I can everyday. Sometimes, I also make doodles or comics.