Dating Shenanigans

I’m just a girl going through life. I have my own business (a preschool in my home). I have lots of friends and family and two children of my own who are turning into incredible adults and I’m just about to be an empty nester! My life is good and fulfilling but ultimately, I do desire a healthy loving long term relationship.

But when I first get out of a relationship, I don’t want to jump into another one right away. I try to spend time working on me and reflecting on what went wrong and how to do better next time. I try to enjoy the freedom and alone time but I still like to date casually to scratch the itch if you know what I mean!

I started this blog looking for love, found it, got married and then divorced.

Now I am back and not looking for a relationship. It’s a rollercoaster of love and sex and the mess that comes with it all! I hope you enjoy my adventures!