David Spencer

Early on I received a degree in Literature. Then I did very little with it. I always loved the idea of writing, but after studying the brilliant and entertaining authors throughout history it's hard to be motivated enough to even try. But I have lots to say - so write I will! I became a high school teacher after University, then swapped that out for a career firefighting in the city of Vancouver. Then I dropped it again to become the Vice President and co-owner of Applied Bio-Nomics ltd (We produce beneficial insects.) I had become a volunteer firefighter at 20 years old and still do it today (I'm still a little under 40). I've had, or currently have small hobbies like sailing, bread making and karate, and I have big ones like playing soccer, home brewing, and being an outdoorsman. But, my primarily roles, and ones you'll hear most about are being a gardener/farmer, father and husband. I live near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.