Virginia Beach, VA

DC JAMES is the modern embodiment of the gifted and versatile Renaissance man. Along with being a successful Life Coach and established Author and Publisher, he is a popular Fitness Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Project and Marketing Consultant.

He began his career in the business sector, a career that had lasted an impressive 25+ years. He has worked for companies like Robert Allen’s “Challenge Systems”, Upper Deck, Taylor Made Golf, Watkins Manufacturing, High Definition Cleaning Services LLC and Roehl Transport

His versatility and multitude of talents are evident in his past work as a pastoral minister and Worship Arts Music Director. Being an avid music lover, DC James wrote, played, arranged, and produced two music CD projects along with several collaborations and compilations; of with Mat Kearney and Patti Labelle

Very early in his life, he has discovered his talents for helping people maximize their personal and professional growth. He studied life coaching under Dr. Joseph Umidi from DC JAMES specializes in motivating and empowering people to achieve their full potential. His books and tools, such as The A.RT.F.O.R.M and Quantum Planning S.Y.S.T.E.M.S have inspired and helped many to make a positive change in their lives.

DC JAMES continues to coach and publish books and is a coveted speaker at conferences and network meetings on various topics, including Internet marketing, personal and business credit, fitness, life/relationship skills, project management, event management, arts, music, and transformational strategies for personal development.

For DC JAMES, The “HEAD” Coach, a Generalist in specialties of transformational coaching and spiritual guidance are more than just a career choice. They are the opportunity for an individual to make a significant impact on the world and society.

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