Once Upon a Time...there was this crazy woman that wanted to share her life with others. THAT'S what my five children would say. In reality I'm persistent, a little OCD, (not diagnosed, again, what my family would tell people), stubborn and probably bossy. I don't really prefer that last moniker, but I do think that MY way is usually the best way! Cuddly, loving and patient, probably not the best adjectives in my description, but God is still working on me! I've been married for thirty-two years. The wrinkled, gray-haired people that need to lose a few pounds are NOT the same people that wed all those years ago. I don't know when they arrived. But they produced five wonderful children. Three daughters are married to equally wonderful young men, our son is waiting for that special girl and our youngest is still at home. She will be the one to care for us in our old age. Having your last baby at forty sets you up for cutting up your child's meat while receiving the senior discount. Our fifth grandchild has arrived and we are looking forward to many more. We have moved many times over the years, giving me lots of opportunities to fix-up, inside and out. But my concrete laying days are over and I'm very excited to be writing books. I now have five books in print with five more in the works. You may keep up with me here, on my Amazon author page or through my Facebook group page and author page. I don't have all the answers, but I promise to be open and real. No candy-coating here! Thank you for reading this far. You receive a gold star! ;)

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