Dee Clark

New Zealand

i am a woman who sometimes still feels like a girl. i dream. i plan. i play. i laugh. i cry.

i am shy. definitely not the life of the party but am fascinated by those who are.

i like the variety of personalities i find in people. my goal is to accept each soul for who they were created to be however different than me. i've not always been successful at this but i continue to strive toward that goal.

the most adventurous thing i have ever done was move to new zealand from my homeland the good 'ole usa. i love the beauty i find here. i love the simplicity of pace and life. it's a good fit for me even though i miss so many things about home.

i am married to an oyster farmer. so, i get my hands dirty. i have times that the grungy is more than i can stand and i have to don my prettiest attire and get out of here.

i have 5 children (we are a blended family like so many today); morgan, tim, chris, bradley and christopher. sometimes, morgan and i feel out of our depth with all the testosterone. i am not super-mom. i don't even want to be. my children are all different, independent, spirited souls. each with his and her own specialness.

i am a grandmommie. this i LOVE! jake and ella are truly treasures of my heart. i am not super-grandmommie, either. i aspire to be even in a small way as wonderful as my grandmother and mother.

i am a woman on a journey called life. it's not a cliché to me. it's how i roll. sometimes it's fabulous. sometimes it's mundane. always it's real and never as i fantasize but it's mine. my journey. i wouldn't trade it. my journey has taken me places i wish i had not gone and places i loved. i've learned and experienced so many things; sometimes more than i thought i was strong enough to experience. all of it has shaped the woman i am today.

welcome to my blog...a look inside my heart. i hope it helps you look inside your own and treasure what you see there. feel free to share with me. or not. it's up to you.

my hope for you is that you are confident with who you are as a woman so you can share your gift with your circle of influence. they need you.

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