lori summers-chamorro, delight in the ordinary

My main careers that are most meaningful and fufilling for me are being a wife, mother and grandmother.
My secondary careers that are also important expressions of my passion for humanity are: as an educator, a trainor, a life coach, an editor/writer, a corporate executive. My education has informed my insights. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education at the Centro Escolar University and took my Master's Degree at De La Sallle University in English Education and Literature, after which I attended an Advanced Program in Training and Manpower/Curriculum Development sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and my Company then, Magsaysay Lines, Inc., at the Louisiana State University. My jobs in the fields of education, shipping, journalism, insurance industry and property management have also blessed me with perspectives on the many layers of personalities people have with whom we interact each day. My travels and experiences have further enriched my life in many wonderful ways. Come, read on, join me in my journey and together, let's experience a thousand thrills as we "delight in the ordinary."---LORI SUMMERS- CHAMORRO