London, UK

Over-enthusiastic Gamer, Goth, Geek, Techaholic, Dabbling Writer & Blogger, and Raging Coffeeholic ~ Fabulous Wheelchair User ~ Proudly Autistic ~ Kicking Fibromyalgia’s Backside (...Unless, of course, it's kicking mine!) •

§ Loves Gadgets, Games, Tech... And Coffee. Lots & LOTS of coffee! §

~ Obsessively-loving on SIMS!, Dragon Age Series, Mass Effect Trilogy, The Witcher Games, Skyrim Special Edition, Elder Scrolls Online, Divinity: Original Sin Series (amongst others) ~

~ Self-Built Gaming Rig: i7-4970K, 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD Boot, 1TB + 3TB HDD Storage, RTX 2080 8GB EVGA *Super Black* Gaphics, 1150 ASUS Z97-A ATX mobo, Windows 10 64-bit

... Oh, and did I mention I love coffee...?

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