What is your purpose? That is the first question I ask people. Everyday you wake up there must be something driving you. There must be something that is going to keep you alive when all hell is breaking. I am a 25 year old teacher originally from Salinas, California who teaches at the most challenging high school in Watts, California. Often when I tell people that I teach in Watts their first reaction is “Do they even respect you since you are so young? Why would you do that to yourself?” People don’t realize that being a teacher is not about your age. It’s not about how “cool” or how much you can “relate” to your students. All people want is someone to listen to them. That goes for anyone. From the rich to the poor. All people want is for someone to listen to them. I have a gift of hearing what a persons hear is saying.

I realized that I am on a journey and there is a need for teachers in Southern California. I have always had the fire inside of me to be an influential teacher in the East Los Angeles area. Everyday I wake up my main focus is for God to give me the right words to speak to my students in order to show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am an aspiring book writer. I am currently working on my own book. This book is going to let people know that they are not alone and even though I am young, independent and successful I too have my own personal struggles. I want to teach people that we shouldn’t be afraid to share our stories because our stories will help others find inner freedom.