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Thank you from visiting DesFly the future of entertainment, entrepreneur and idealist. DesFly has been in business since 2007, were also a publishing company at our branch DesWuzUp , that only publishes our company. In the music business we strive and work hard to give our listeners great music to enjoy and with knowing that they will always be supportive and continuing to come back for more great music.
As an Entrepreneur, We set focus and goals on bringing countries together on business,such as Africa and China, as Thailand and China, Sweden, and America. As well as other countries, opportunities or everywhere you just have to look. Searching and creating businesses to gain profit is the motivation as an entrepreneur, we want to keep those businesses relevant and up to date with the economy as well as technology to stay in flow with the economy and to grow to a well based company, whose brand can be trusted.
​As an Idealist, We seek investors to push forth these world changing ideas, also to bring countries together but mostly to create jobs in rural and problems areas in America as well as other countries. Our aim is to strive to bring America’s brand back to the top, by inventing and creating ways for stronger concrete, safer way’s for traveler’s to travel by ships, planes, and trains. Safer travel for traveler’s once airborne. These are just some of the great ideas of why were seeking capital.

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