Topeka, KS

A self-taught artisan, I enjoy working in a variety of media. Felting wool and other fibers is my primary media of choice, and my designs range from jewelry and accessories, to wearables to felted tapestries. While I do often sketch ideas, when it comes to the creating process, I try to let the fibers, fabrics, beads, wire and other materials speak for themselves. My inspirations come from the wide variety of beauty found all around me: from the amazing sunsets of the Midwest, to Impressionist paintings, from the colors of the flowers in a garden to the angles and shapes in architecture, I'm always playing catch up with the ideas that come every day. I have begun to use photographs of landscapes and seascapes to create my felted tapestries, and am looking forward to interpreting stained glass patterns in felt as well.

As much as I love creating things of beauty with fibers, I love teaching others how to stab things into existence! I've taught hundreds of people to create creatures, flowers, and more with needle felting, and I want to teach YOU! Classes are coming to the internet very soon, and I am available for in person workshops and team building events in the Seattle, WA area.

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