Born and bred in Central London, March 1967, I believe my conception was the result of euphoric celebration sweeping the country the day England won the World Cup. One of many most likely. My career aspirations and expectations were reflective of my basic working class, comprehensive school education. I wanted to be a professional footballer as was my passion but physical injury would rule that out so when I left school early with no qualifications I was very fortunate to gain a position as an apprentice car mechanic, cars being a very keen interest of mine. My other real interests at the time are girls, music, clothes and increasingly, narcotics. A desire to learn how to play the drums and a guitar met with a failure to find the dedication required to master them as an average ability just wouldn't cut it for me. My teenage twilight would take a dramatic turn that began in Tenerife sometime in 1986 reshaping the following years in a way I'd had never guessed at as a YTS car mechanic. A charismatic, self-assured lad from Sheffield and a reckless and troubled( albeit with a lovely soul ), cockney boy showed me the potential of Ecstasy and it changed my attitude toward life almost instantly. By '89 I am managing a band and flirting with the music industry with serious intent. After nearly twenty years of the highest highs and some of my lowest lows I am inspired by my new best friend to start a dog walking venture. She is a year old Staffy cross I have just brought home from Battersea Dogs home called Jojo. The irony is that she actually rescued me from a rampant , all consuming depression and it's an absolute treat to be able to hang out with her every day while we're working. These days life is more sedate, mainly due to attitude as opposed to narcotic consumption, wasn't always the case, and I have re-visited the pleasure I get from writing. I hope to have my first book available by 2020.