The Netherlands

Just starting to call myself a writer, just turned 40, just moved back to Paris, (where I dropped a metal door mat on my foot and am now hobbling around, temporarily, with a cane... thats life I guess. Originally moved to the City of Magic and Light (and pharmacies on every corner) when I was 21, for two unforgettable years, before fell in love and floated to London for a while before ending up amid the hookers and hash of Amsterdam (for too many years) which I guess means I'm always wondering where next, (hopefully that's stopped now that I've come full circle in almost 20 years). I've a fashion design background which means I usually work as a pattern maker but have always had writer aspirations, which is why I am currently looking for a publisher for my first fictional novel, am just about to have a short story published an Irish Anthology (yippee, I won... finally) and have a huge love for baking big, delicious, mouth watering cakes- you gotta have a slice of my carrot cake (I never spare on the amount of butter and sugar needed, maybe that's the french influence and, if so, then bring it on...). I like taking pictures to go with my writing, singing in the shower and figuring out who I'd like to be when I grow up...

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