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Jay (धनंजय)has A mission.
WHAT is Jay's Mission?
He is a Mentor. He helps successful executives and Startups achieve positive change. For them, their people, and their teams and become better Still better and become able to beat the best. Startups and SMEs Jay Coaches and Mentors create Employment. This helps build nation. This fulfils Jay's Giving Back to Society Mission.
HOW does Jay do that?
Jay is by nature, Hyper-Curious and Erudite Learner.He's Hyper-Focused, Fast-Paced and a Hyper-Scaler/Business-Hacker..He is a bouncing board, Cheerleader and Hyper-Critical Coach.He is a Task Master and Stickler for Discipline in personal life.
What is Jay's Experience?
44 years of experience. Banking, Fertilisers, Chemicals, Logistics and express Distribution.
He taught at B Schools and helped over 500 Entrepreneurs and Executives over past 20 years. to overcome limiting thoughts, behaviours. Jay believes in "NEVER SETTLE".
His mission in life does not include Survivalism. He stands for Sustainable Results, strategies that thrive. He has passion about Dreams, Goals, Objectives, Plans.
He has compassion for humanity.,
He is a humorous heart.
He has a pleasing style and finesse' and aplomb his hallmark.
He was aggressive and abrasive, brash, adventurous in Youth.
He is a Mean Meaning making machine, A Rule maker and Rule Breaker and a Kick-Ass Mentor when required.
How does Jay Achieve Mentee Success?:
Jay guides Mentees about inner cues, prompts, nudges, prods.
Inner provocations, challenges, triggers; create negative vibes, thoughts, behaviours. Jay believes that Transparency, Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity and Love leads to mutual trust.
He is proactive and challenges the Mentees. It helps them invoke their inner strengths, inner dreams and ambitions.
Twitter handle @dhananjayparkhe

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