Diana W.

Lake Orion, Michigan

Seeking Extraordinary experiences, living an Ordinary Life!

Just an everyday person inspired to share my stories & experiences. With hopes that it will connect with other's in a positive way --
I enjoy writing beautiful words that turn difficult life experiences into something gentle and positive-- A seeker of truth while following a spiritual path that hopefully inspires others to recognize the extraordinary of their lives. Believing that all outer beauty is built by first examining our inner beauty.
Down to earth--
Speak out about what most people keep as internal dialogue--
Trail blazer! --
Give everything my best..and then some--
Spiritual, not religious person--
Good at trouble shooting problems--
Through perseverance in my own life, I have inspired other's into action--
I am often the zebra with bright colored stripes
Contagious laugh--
Life long horse woman--
Everyday person, seeking the extraordinary out of life--
Strong desire to make a difference and lead a meaningful life--
Person of Integrity--
Love Animals! --

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