1. Master of Arts in Media Studies (Film)

2. My favorite book is Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom because this book teaches many lessons to live by and it inspires me a lot. I really love the thought “All endings are also beginnings, we just don’t know it at a time.” 

3. Hacksaw Ridge because this film is all about being firm in your faith in God and fighting for what you truly believe in even if it means not getting the approval of most of the people around you at first. 

4. One of the directors I really look up to is direk Joyce Bernal, from the moment I witnessed how good she is as a director, I started looking up to her. I was amazed at how she is so sure of the shots she needed and her treatment per sequence. Another is Pastor Steven Furtick, all of his preaching are so moving and life-changing which can be seen on his Facebook page. 

5. See A Victory by Elevation worship. Since I heard this song, it became a reminder to me that no matter how big the challenges I face, I will always see a victory in the end.

6. My favorite internet site is Instagram. This site gives me the freedom to post and share pictures I only want to share to few people. 

7. Sinigang na Hipon. I really love sea foods and sinigang so I guess the combination is what makes it my favorite meal. 

8. I love reading books (though it’s been a while since I last finished one because of a busy schedule at work), I write poems in times of pain, I play guitar.