I'm from Bhopal, India. I created "September heart-to-hearts" to share and showcase my poems, song-lyrics, haiku, snapshots and everything else that amuses me. I hope you love the content. If you enjoy it don't forget to Like, Follow and Comment to let me know! Now my hobbies (they're subjected to change time after time but writing & listening music are two constants, I can't spend a single day without them, and the others are listed in the order of decreasing likeliness): Reading, taking a walk, singing and watching movies. My work: Currently I'm pursuing Mechanical Engineering from SATI college, Vidisha, India.
Current book: Stephen King's Wizard and Glass (Dark Tower: IV)
Current favorite songs: Wild Horses by Rolling stones and Darkness by Eminem.
Current favorite quote: "Get busy living or get busy dying" - Stephen King