A Virginia native, I was born in RVA. In my twenties I married and moved to SoCal where I learned to love a new landscape, was forced to drop my ever present southern 'ma'am', and discovered the necessity of honing my (lacking) map skills. In due time I found myself in C'bus where our daughter arrived and gladly I put myself second. Next city on tour was the 'Burgh (as in PA) and here we welcomed our son. Many years later, I now reside in E'ville, Virginia, Earlysville for those of you who may not know of my sleepy little hamlet resting within Charlottesville in the piedmont of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As I look back over the the abbreviated stops along my life's highway I know I've stepped foot in every spot, met every person, and experienced every high and low for exacting yet unknown reasons bringing me to where I am today. The who I am today is because I travelled that highway, made those stops, and dared to believe I do have it all.