Theadora Brack

Theadora Brack, Editorial Director

Ever since spending her teen summers hawking balloons beneath the replica Eiffel Tower at Kings Dominion amusement park in Virginia, Theadora Brack has been obsessed with France. Happily, she later found a great way to feed that obsession as a travel writer and photographer in sight of the real Eiffel.

Combining Parisian bargain shopping advice with tantalizing historical tidbits and amazing architecture, Theadora takes her readers on a spree where they’ll get to experience “another Paris”—one that’s full of enchanting street fashions and little-known shops and eateries. With relish, she shines her bright spotlight on the city’s gossip and intimate details, while maintaining a quirky sense of fun.

Theadora also writes for the budget travel website (Over There Interactive, Inc., New York), while her “My Life in Paris” column is a regular feature in the international magazine France Today. In February 2014, “Theadora’s Five Favorite Haunts in Paris” appeared as a chapter in the second print edition of Steve Solosky’s The Traveling Professor’s Guide to Paris.

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