Doug Chandler - Giving God (Nature) a Voice


My name is Doug Chandler and I am the first known person to purposely put themselves into an Autistic state!

I did this by following the common teachings between Christ and Buddha! The 'Original' teachings of Christ are not taught in the church! The 'Gospel of Thomas' list his original teachings!

There is a pretty good description here... , but they do lack understanding of many of Christ's teachings. Many of these teachings I have lived myself which makes it very easy for me to recognize them!

I followed both Christ's and Buddha's teachings to the 't', which if done correctly, will lead you into becoming brilliant!

I am the product of my own teachings!

If you look at other older Autistics, you will notice that just about any of them could be a leader within whatever field they are currently in! This is because they use Logic on everything, and Logic ALWAYS leads to the Truth! The Truth is something that is very much lacking in todays society!