Welcome to Dre M Calderon a Beauty Series

I am an Account Executive for a cosmetic brand and I find a true passion in the beauty industry. I joined the community right out of high school, and continue to learn from it everyday. Along the way I learned something that I want to share.

Beauty is more than the latest eye shadow pallet flooding your YouTube channel, it's more than a fresh new hair trend, and it's bigger than the clean/green label on your moisturizer. It is a choice. We either choose to admire something or not. We can choose to find something beautiful in everything and in everyone , or not.

This is a collection of stories and photos that will help you choose to find the beauty in it all. The beauty in life, and in others, and most importantly in yourself. Stories of those who found success in following their dreams, and images that celebrate all walks of life.

Breaking through what is sold as beautiful, and celebrating the beautiful in all.

-Dre M Calderon-