Dr. Soles

Ogden, Utah

I have lived in Utah my entire life and have a foot fetish which is a strange combination. A lot of women find men who are into female feet to be creepy but not men who are into breasts, legs, or a woman's butt. I'm not just into feet, I love women for their beauty and also like breasts and legs. I don't limit my attraction to only women who have beautiful feet. Like most other men, we may be into things like breasts, legs, etc but we don't limit our choices to women with only beautiful breasts, legs, etc. There are a lot of misconceptions on foot fetishes and I hope to address these misconceptions and help people understand a foot fetish and try and explain that you have nothing to fear from guys with a foot fetish any more than men who are into legs, breasts, butts, etc. I was also diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome which has also made for some challenges in my life and my Aspergers Curse blog explains what I've gone through during my life before and after I was diagnosed with Aspergers. Currently I have faced problems with loneliness and isolation and have looked at leaving Utah to find friends.