Learn to Become Your Own Doctor of life, death, truth, lies, self-knowledge, wisdom, and your destiny will find you, simple TLC123! God answered - Albert Einstein.
daily TLC
add chemicals
subtract cancerous deadly materials.

Beware every American Medical Association Doctors are systematically trained to only think believe and use chemicals and knives! the organization was convicted of fraud racketeering by the Federal Trade Commission in 1987!
Yes, criminal activity is exactly quackery!
Medications and operations cannot will not your body heal naturally.
Medicines are literally snake oils.
Surgery is exactly what butchers do.
Since the 1800s all Medical Doctors have united into a blood lust sacrificing cult!
Your doctors are liars, cheaters, quacks, hacks, butchers, witch doctors, using voodoo to treat you and your family.
All of your doctors are miseducated misguided misdirected so ignorance stuck on stupid.
All of your Doctors behaviors equal to that of barbarians, cannibals, predators, narcissistic psychopaths - in plain sight for all to see WITH EYES WIDE SHUT!

When Men achieve privilege they will not admit they are behaving like demigods over life and death. This ability to imprison oneself and one's mind is a function of our DNA blueprint improperly programmed by fathers greediness to when wars using children as bombs and bullets.

63 y/o Solo General Practice, Primary Care Providers x 37yrs, 20yr Master of Acupuncture, hands-on Myofascial Connective Tissues Muscle Fibers Release Techniques.
The only curative ancient 30 part ingredient recipe guaranteed to work 100% of the time!

Here are your 5 basic self-care help TLC duties and exercises:
1. Sleep - 8-10 hours/day plus naps.

2. Intake - Diet with extra Vits, Minerals Magnesium trace elements Copper Zinc etc.

3. Peace of Mind, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Balance. Helping family, social, teams and members.

4. Muscles Demand 3 continuous maintenance exercises: walking, getting up and down off the floor or ground.
a) Walking 30-60' invigorates, stimulates and helps clear the mind of toxic drama.
b) "Getting down" on the floor or ground is stretching pulling out chronic painful knots kinks spasms toxic tight balls filled with poisonous waste debris.
c) "Getting up" off the floor or ground is weightlifting increasing power balance strength and independence.

5. Time to Heal; retreat, restore, rehab, refresh regenerate repair heal by forces from within. aka Mother Nature!

In total you are helping release blood flow optimize healing capacities, maximum peak power vitality so you will feel younger and your immune functions will become a cancer virus bacteria your killer!

When a provider applies the whole set of therapies in personalized customizable manner to unique fit Mothers in Battle Fatigue, they will be able to DO and BEHAVE their best for the success of their and so all kids!