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PRESS EXECUTIVE BIO: Bond is an Award-winning and Credentialed Social Business Entrepreneur...Extraordinare to say the least for in over a dozen industries and brands she has embossed her unfictionalized Bond Girl niche. At the end of 2015 Bond received a Hollywood Friendship Award among movers and shakers for her high-end public + social business relations management brand: "BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage Public Relations (PR) of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago and London UK. Visit | @Beneficience | IG: BeneficiencePR_BeverlyHills | Beneficience Company Page on LinkedIn

Agent Tracey Bond, PhJrn ^007^ - her publishing handle is a special ops force in media relations as an award-winning internationally accredited and registered newspaper executive now freelance digital journalist with VIP business, entertainment and social intelligence beat and has privileged access to the United States Press Agency editorial system has been granted by the USPA and GNA respectively, which comes after a period of firm prerequisite fulfilment for editorial contribution approval. This protocol serves the USPA as a quality editorial board system of measurement which insures USPA’s quality standard whereby USPA News members who receive and maintain a permanent editorial status are proven consistently active as journalists.

Tracey’s social intelligence news beat will trend-to-spotlight the sensible events and interests of: VIP, Celebrities, Lifestyle & Society, Social Business Event News, Celebrities, Entertainment and Online Media centric to social good. Moving forward via this agency platform, Bond will continue to build an elite yet personable online to offline media brand of high-profile journalism that carries a distinctive quality of excellence.

Through the acquisition and distribution of her many trade accreditations and certifications, Tracey continues to excel at high industry-related standards while increasing the reputation and success of her press portfolio. In October 2014 Tracey Bond began her successful media work with the USPA immediately upon acceptance as a professional member and continues to create as well as curate meaningful media content.

“Being one of the top 40 Chicagoland marketers to achieve social media certification since its offerings with Hootsuite, Inc. in 2012; Bond lives to pioneer innovative ways of connecting with her “in-the-know” audiences in her on-the-fly whimsical fashion. With a double-tap of one’s finger, her news guests can digitally taste and see how good social business news can be for one life-styled digestive system.

Bond says her writing style is published with purpose for the digitally discerning to use and e-peruse with ease, by tethering her newsfeed tempo to a #hashtaggable ™ + trackable #BondGirl007eNewsRoom #beat. Bond also serves a contributing news correspondent for LA SPLASH Magazine.

Tracey Bond first broke career-ground in the journalism industry by launching an award-winning newspaper in education program and social event literacy-rich news column; with honorable commendations from executive members of the Pulitzer Publishing family owning The Daily Chronicle, a former Pulitzer Publishing owned newspaper circulating in Northern Illinois

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Bond is also a serial author, speaker and artist, self-publishing books, textbooks, audio cd’s and multimedia productions for social business good & humanitarian improvement interest.

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