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Compassionate Legal Representation from a Bellevue Divorce and Family Law Firm Devoted to Our Clients With the stressful uncertainty of the legal process of family law ahead of you, finding an attorney whose personality and philosophy matches yours is the key to a successful outcome for your case. To help you reach a decision, let me tell you a little more about myself, our legal team, and our approach to client service. Facing divorce issues such as property division and child custody is extremely stressful. All of us here at DuBois Cary understand that, and our firm takes pride in being approachable, easy to reach and responsive to our clients. The attorneys at DuBois Cary are committed to developing supportive relationships with our clients and helping them deal with the emotional difficulties of any family law case. As a trial lawyer with more than twenty years of experience, I can, however, be aggressive in the courtroom when necessary. Dispute Resolution Options We always recommend that clients attempt to settle their family differences amicably.

Mediation is a very viable solution that works well for most families. If that is your choice, we will help you move through your divorce with as little disruption to yourself, your spouse, and your children as possible. Another option is collaborative law, a dispute resolution process in which divorcing spouses sign a commitment to avoid litigation. With their lawyers and other professional team members, they work together to reach well-thought-out solutions to their family law disputes. The collaborative law model can be extremely effective, but it is not for all divorcing spouses. We can help you assess the best approach to meeting your goals as you go through your divorce. Divorce Lawyer | Family Law Attorney Bellevue, WA When choosing a family law attorney, you should know that not all lawyers are comfortable going to court, or are even willing to do so. I do not shy away from high conflict situations. With years of solid courtroom experience behind me, I will take your case to trial if necessary.

I have success litigating cases against very aggressive attorneys and will do so for you if that is where you find yourself. Cost-Effective Legal Solutions Staying within your budget is important. We do our best to use your resources wisely by relying on an amazing professional paralegal staff to gather preliminary documents and do routine research under our supervision. Electronic communication streamlines the process, allowing our face-to-face meetings to be personal, productive and pro-active. Contact Our Family Law Firm Today If you have further questions or want to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us today. We have offices in Seattle and Bellevue-Redmond and can meet with you in one or both of those locations as needed. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the solutions you seek. Contact us in Seattle today: (206) 547-1486

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