Fort Lauderdale, FL

The blogger (PrOG) has lived in S.E. Florida for 22 years and currently resides with her three adopted dogs, Tybee, Cecil, & Squirrel.

A writer and artist, PrOG has worked professionally within the travel & cruise industries for 27 years and has visited 161 destinations (so far) across the globe.

With a deep well from which to fill her literary bucket, she pours you a refreshing drink mde from amusing, true stories that makes reading any time of day "Happy house". Her tales are the result of an "ignorance is bliss" attitude in her younger years and a "carpe diem" attitude in her current day to day life.

PrOG dedicates and credits this blog to her parents for their creative encouragement and instilled love of travel.

"Laughter is an instant vacation!"

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