I am an Aspie and the proud mother of three wonderful daughters. I have three grandchildren. I was born and raised in Florida where the (visitors) complain when it rains in the "Sunshine State" which incidentally is a tropical state. I spent a great deal of time out in the Bay fishing with my father. I have been in a deep sea boat and seen a whale up close and personal. I have swam with free dolphins and I have been in a 17 foot boat alongside our famous 18 foot hammer head shark under the (old) Sky Way bridge. I was raised an only child by my father and grandmother although I have an older half brother (we are Irish Twins) and two younger half sisters and a younger half brother. I quit high school in the 11th grade but graduated from night school 5 months later than I would have but with honors. I wanted to be a speech pathologist. I got married. I did become an EMT, Phlebotomist, deputy sheriff recruit, and a truck driver hauling sulfuric acid. I hold an AS degree in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding and was almost finished with my BS degree in Technical/Medical Finance but I shutdown 6 weeks ago and I do not have the strength to go back yet. I have a hard time just going outside to walk the dog. My senses are raw right now so I wear noise reduction earplugs quite often even in the house to drown out the noises outside. I can hear silent alarms and termites in a wall, and people chewing, but I cannot understand most people when they talk, this is referred to as CAPD or Central Auditory Processing Disorder. I have very sensitive vision as far as any lighting goes. I wear dark tinted eyeglasses and DARK sunshades over them when I go outside. Car lights at night are agony. Although I am very articulate I stutter when I try to speak to someone new. I try not to get angry or hurt when my daughter gets frustrated with me and says she knows what I mean or what I am trying to say instead of letting me get it out. This just makes it worse. I am really bad at basic math but I love geometry. I made an A in algebra but I have forgotten most of it. I would love to tackle calculus and I am quite sure that I understand a little about statistics although I have not taken it, I did help my daughter with hers. I write poetry and I use to be a good artist but I have not been able to pick it back up. I was so bad at making friends (I tried very hard to be a good friend) that I have tried to be invisible for a long while now. I am trying to make it to the bimonthly Aspie meetings but so far I have not been able to do it. I moved to Texas almost 4 years ago come November and I do not know anyone yet. But I am optimistic that I will be able to. That is the short story of me.