Orangevale, CA

Photography from a Left Brained Photographer

I am a very analytical person. My creativity flows from my need to understand and explain. I made a career of distilling processes to their essence and reconstructing them to be more efficient and productive. My approach to photography is an extension of my life’s work. I distill a scene to identify its processes and actors. I try to understand how the processes, generally the forces of nature and the forces of humans, have and are interacting with the actors to create the scene. I focus on one or more of the actors and compose a scene that tells a story about them in an aesthetically pleasing way. To that end, I prefer to present landscapes in a more intimate way.

On this blog, I share images that I love, viewed from my left brained, analytical perspective. Each image tells a unique story about how its actors and processes have, are and sometimes even will impact each other. But I also want to entice the audience to linger and to find their own story. I want them to imagine themselves experiencing the sights, the sounds and the feeling as if they were there.